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In 1983, I was planning a summer PLAST camp with Roman. It was to be a 2-week hike with 13 - 16 scouts. I had hiked half of that route in 1979 but the other half was unknown to me. Kathy and I walked that segment in late spring to scout it out.....


Tato dropped us off on the weekend


The beautiful Beaver Meadow Lodge between Whiteface and Madonna. The stove was still there then.


Trying to recover after the first day inside Beaver Meadow Lodge. It rained, it was cold, and we were wiped.


The swamp in front of Beaver Meadow Lodge


Classic beaver lodge and habitat


Kathy on the first day of the hike


Still looking fresh on the first day...


Feeling the walk at Taft Lodge (before its renovation) below the summit of Mt. Mansfield


Kathy on the chin, looking towards nose and the summit buildings


Together on the chin


Planning the next day's hike


Killing time by the fire at Taylor Lodge. Bolton Mt. was the last obstacle before us


View of Camel's Hump from the slope of Bolton Mt.


Kathy on the falls at Duck Brook Shelter


Rescued! at Duck Brook Shelter by Roman and Greg

All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007