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On August 3rd, 2001, I and four other Canadian intrepid souls (Ron Rose, Keith Swinton, Stephen Randall, and Meredith Rose) endeavored to climb to the highest peak in Africa, the volcano Kilimanjaro with a peak at 19,300 feet ASL. We succeeded as far as Gillman's Point (18,650 feet ASL) at the crater's rim. Bad weather convinced out guide not to push on the last 200 vertical metres to Uhuru Peak. This was at 05:30, we were in a cloud with 60 km winds and a -4C air temperature. These conditions succeeded in covering us and the rocks with frost, rendering the rocks at the crater's rim treacherous. Below are some of the pictures from this wonderful adventure. All five of us made it in splendid fashion!


                   Gillman's Point (Crater Rim)           Alive at Horombo Hut (Meredith, Keith, Stephen, Ron, I)


                        Lunch                                                Self Portrait with Keith

                   Strutting Down                                                            Tarn Hut


                   Green Side of Kilimanjaro                                            Looking Good


All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007