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In the summer of 1983, Roman and I took 6 scouts on a 2 week hike south along the Long Trail in Vermont. We started at highway 105 north of Jay Peak and ended up at Interstate 87 in Jonesville, just before Camel's Hump. It was a time of firsts for me, and, I think, for many of the participants as well.

The day of our departure from Baturyn in South Bolton, Quebec

First night was at Jay Camp, with Jay Peak behind us.


First day was tough on everybody


Fearless Greg on the fire tower on Bellevedere Mountain


The serenity of watching a summer sun setting over lake Champlain from the forehead of Mt. Mansfield. This picture is also known as The Basque Shepherd


Roman quenching his thirst - Long Trail fashion


Peter gathering wood for the evening fire


Away from everything...


Self portrait at the end of a long day


We weren't very clean, but who cared?


Negotiating a ladder on Mt. Mansfield


John with an axe, and an unsettling smile


Smiling Roman


Typical morning shot




Sunset in the Green Mountains


Porky at Ritterbush Camp


Mychailo and Porky showing some of the strain


Tough dudes


Madonna, Sterling, Smugglers' Notch and Mt. Mansfield beyond


Greg enjoying an ice cream bar at a town along the way


Ditto for John


Although Nestor could use better eating manners


First day, ready to hit the trail, looking eager


Looking less eager sometime later on


Roman and I


Some Additional Shots


All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007