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Mt. Pee Wee sits bordering the Potton Valley to the East, separating the valley from Lake Memphremagog. Its base runs into South Bolton. Its a nice hill to climb because it commands wonderful 360 views of the valley running North-South, the lake to the east, Owl's head to the south, Orford to the North, Glen Mountain to the North East, Sutton Mountains to the South West, and Bolton Pass due West. On a clear day, with good binoculars, you can see Mt. Royal and Montreal's downtown. These pictures are from a nice Thanksgiving weekend where we trekked up. I don't remember the exact year, but its about 1980.

Roman doing his best JC imitation, with the famous Cave Canem (Beware of Dog in Latin) sweat shirt. This was put together by Chico, in homage of the Shaggy Dog Inn (the old Potton Springs Hotel) which, at that time, as our watering hole of choice every weekend. It was over 100 years old at the time and would stand for less than 10 more years when a mysterious fire claimed it in its entirety. Only three chimneys, still standing, mark the sacred spot......

Roman and I on the summit

From left to right: Chico, Roman, Kris, me, Katrusia, Lida

All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007