The weather this year was absolutely fabulous. We not only got a whole bunch of work in (like painting) but we had some fun too. The Sunday meal featured 4 turkeys, 8 different types of squash dishes and loads of everything else. It has sort of become a Lewyckyj-Smolynec-Poluha-Cup-Lukianenko-Woychyshyn-Moczula gathering.


Standard group shot


Everyone pitched in


Jersey kool...


Toronto fish bowl




Mr. Happy


It was warm enough to cycle


Emotions ran high...





Some things were hard to figure...



The colours were at their peak.


Mr. Wilson


Jack and Mr. S.



Album cover?




Someone had to show the women how it was to be done


Then there were the all-important night time discussions.....


All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007