Thanksgiving 2005 was a great weekend. Although not everyone was able to be there to celebrate with us, some new friends were, and the celebration went ahead masterfully with a great turkey meal and lots of wine. As tradition would have it, we did some work too, cut some trees, etc. but it was the play that was the best. Here are some shots from the Sunday. Click on any picture to open a larger resolution view in a new window.



Our classic group shot

Chrystia and Romko

Big and small came. Esme.

People had things to say. Ostap wanted everyone to hear what he had to say.

Even Esme had something to say.

Young and old came. Pan Smolynec.

Tato with his camera.


Families came. Greg, Sandra, Esme.

Peter and Jane

Lisa, Sophika, Lida

The ever-elusive Natalia

Romko was in good spirits

As was Sandra

And people started getting friendly

Errr......VERY friendly. Romko's lucky day

Hectop's lucky day?

Definitely Tato's lucky day

We did some work too, cutting down the old tree by the Motria and burning it that night in a huge vatra

And with that, the season officially ended until next year. Now bring on the snow.......


All Photos Nestor Lewyckyj 2007