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Thanksgiving 2007


It was a great Thanksgiving. The whole family was there, and so were so many friends. The Svynyj were holding their annual rady (svynstvo) so they celebrated with us.   Here is a shot of almost everyone. Some of the Svynyj did not make it into the picture. We had 3 turkeys roasted and everyone ate very well.



Romko and Wolodymyr




Fierce Dylan

Lida and Wolodymyr

We had some...err...wine

Peter was happy (as always)

Bohdan and Lida came all the way from New Jersey

It was Esme's second Thanksgiving celebration at Baturyn

Nancy (8 months pregnant) and Lida

Blaze was in fine form, showing off to the camera

We got a chance to wish Romko a happy 50th birthday, a few weeks early. We actually were able to fit 51 candles onto the cake. I think that next time we will use multiples of 10!

Hania chipped in to help.

Sandra and Elsa

Romko was getting a lot of attention.....

Adrian was catching up with Lida

Ihor, Wasyl, Roman, were the official Svinjy delegates

Sarah was helping Millie out

Gaetan brought his special home made wine.....YUMMMM!

Irka was getting very friendly

I caught the cake a few minutes too late

Taras was in great spirits

Nigel and Bethany were inseparable

Millie really enjoyed the cake

Markian and Ihor are never at a loss to laugh at SOMETHING

Katrusia was relaxed in the Thanksgiving envelope

Zenko kept thinking about that approach shot on the 15th at Jay


Mama was feeling cuddly


Danio and Katherine were VERY cuddly

The cousins cutting up the cake

The festivities did not stop the heated discussions

The delegates

The fall colours on the ozero

Then there was more cake the day after.....

EVERYONE was there from our family. This gave us the opportunity for a number of unique shots.

The sons

The kooky sons

Grandparents and sons

Sons and wives

Tout l'equipe. I don't know if we have ever had a shot like this, where everyone from the immediate family was present.



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