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Thanksgiving 2008



The weather was great this year, warm and friendly. many of the old faces were there and that made it great. The pictures that follow are from the weekend, and from apple picking at the St-Benoit-du-Lac Monastery


A clean shaven Gaetan was a big hit. The women were going wild!

Rudy particularly liked the food.....

As usual there was food left over that had to be parceled out

Lida made it (as usual) down from Jersey and Irka was enjoying the company

Tato teaching as usual........

Peter vying for the next Tim Horton commercial spot.....

Greg and Sandra with the girls with a proud Dido in front. They all enjoyed the freedom at Baturyn.

Pan Smolynec brought up one of the turkeys, and he enjoyed the country air.

It was really nice to see Taras back at full health, cozying up to Chrystia as usual.....

The obstacle course was really tough

Ah yes, it is all about the food!

There are always good discussions going on...

Like I said, Rudy REALLY liked the food

Lida and Bohdan were catching up on Montreal events with Wasyl (or were they trying to get into the election pool?)

We had 3 generations represented and all had a good time

Katrusia made sure everyone took their share of food, and then some

Timmy and Olesia waited patiently in line

Sandra displaying her comfort level with the camera

Esme and Elsa never ran far from Greg

Elsa, the flower child

Esme learning to "work the camera"

Peter was getting impatient about the food

Jack was really happy to see everyone again

Like every year, Mr. Happy

Jane was relaxing before the heavy lifting of the turkey meal

St-Benoit-du-lac Monastery

With the loot form the monks' store

The apples were ripe and crisp

The fall colours all complemented each other

The weather was just beautiful

Katrusia was in a relaxed mood in the apple orchard

And so another Thanksgiving gone and the memories (and pounds) are all that are left. Good times, and good memories.


Nestor Lewyckyj 2008