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Thanksgiving 2009


Once again this year, like many years before this. we gathered with family and friends for a thanksgiving celebration at Baturyn. It was a good turnout this year. We had over 60 people with 3 big turkeys and all of the fixings. The weather behaved on that day, and although it was rather cool, i don't think anyone really minded. The food was wonderful, the drink was plentiful and the company was soul-warming. Another year gone, and the youngest generation is getting older.

So it goes.....


Our traditional group shot in front of the Motria

Tato in the woods picking mushrooms

Mama keeping up....

Forest in the fall

Jane enjoying the October sun

Angus did not want to leave at the end of the weekend

Millie always warms up for the camera

Cool and crisp, but there were many chances for mingling

Romko with his funky shades

Olesia the ham....

Elsa isn't always sure about the camera

The next generation

The weekend IS a lot of work......

Everyone was warming up.....

Olesia in her element

What will their futures hold?

Olesia captured some cool cloud formations

Katrusia's nose was red from the cool air

Millie would not leave Anhelyna's side

Flopping together on the soccer field

Anhelyna and Larysa


Nancy and Angus


Father and son

Romko getting ready to toss Angus in the first Baturyn Highland Games......

But then thought better of it

Oksana and Larysa


Diana and Danylko

Cool sisters

Nestor Lewyckyj 2009