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Thanksgiving 2011


Time goes on. Another year, another 3 turkeys gone. The weather this year was tremendous! It was warm and sunny and beautiful. A lot of family and friends dropped by and e had a huge party, outside. Tons of food and drink, some great stories, a football game. The mushrooms were still out even though the apple season was coming to a quick close. The pictures below chronicle the day. Another great Canadian thanksgiving for the Lewyckyj family and friends.


The classic group shot in front of the Motria. We had a large group this year, larger than most years. It made for a great celebration!

Nancy relaxing in the hot tub after the long day with Romko looking on

There was lots of wine, of course!

Jane looking wonderful in the candlelight

Gaetan and Peter catching up

Natalka came down from Ottawa

Katrusia was trying to catch up with everybody

Katherine was really relaxed

We were enjoying our new deck on our new house for the first time with such a large group. It was wonderful!!

Seech was tuckered out from such a long day

Seech DID make a lot of new friends that day

And had a lot of reassurances from her family

Olesia looking so vibrant in her youth

Seech knowing how to pose for the camera like a model

It was Sofika's birthday so we had cake and sang her Happy Birthday!!

The men were catching up

And the humour was running very high

Tato always likes to make the most of the day to catch up with everybody, in his 89th year




Zenko and Mychajlo catching up

Bohdan was in very good spirits

As was Katrusia

The big spread!!

Pan Smolynets came up to help us celebrate

Sergij joined in

And had good conversations

Lida and Bohdan were up from New jersey...so nice to see them!

The food was the thing!

Mama was in really good spirits as well, surrounded by all of the family and friends

Miss Plast!

Markian and Nina

Orest was flush with the company

And Gaetan really likes his wine

Young beauties graced our gathering

Some heavy politicking was going on

We had a lot of teenagers this year...sign of the times!

But all of the age groups mixed it up

Angus trying to figure out what he could do with his knife!

The next generation

Serving out the food

Hair's getting a bit long.....

Anna with her devilish grin.....

Stephan and Nadia joined us




Getting the crumble out

A lot of work went into the set up


I wonder if I can eat that......

Nobody seems to want these.......

Bring on the food...and the boys!!

Lots of work in the kitchen

Carving up the 3 turkeys was a lot of work

But even the teenagers chipped in

I don't care, I will have this first!

What ARE they doing out there?

Hectop taking the football game a bit too seriously.....

But so was everyone else

Do we HAVE to stay here and watch???

Fly my bubble to my true love

I am the football queen!!

Elsa in good spirits

Angus, the young boy

The beauty of youth

Zenko was trying to keep the game clean, but it was tough

Greg stayed close to his girls

Adrian was having a good time

Olesia was never far from her books

Old men playing WAY too hard

The pig skin

The weather was phenominal this year, We did everything outdoors

Chrystia was really relaxed

Olesia was hiding out with her book

Mean streets

Child labour

Child labour #2

Katrusia posing with our well

Anhelyna and Alexa

Millie balancing

Angus having an issue with the flower pot


Catherine relaxing

The chapel at the Saint Benoit du Lac Abbey

Katrusia relaxing during apple picking

Olesia and Ostap, proud of themselves

Nigel, with work to go

The beautiful women of my life!

Apple picking was fun

As is often the case, Chrystia and Zenko joined us for the apple picking

Boyan showing off his wares

Chrystia eating the inventory. It was late in the season and there were not many apples left on the trees

Katrusia in the glorious sunshine. It was WARM!!

Me with my Berlin Marathon shirt

The youths preparing to strike against the apple orchard!


In the end, it was a wonderful weekend and a wonderful celebration, not just of our family but also of many, many dear friends. This web site is a way of preserving these wonderful memories for all who participated. "Preserve your memories, they are all that's left you". So we prepare for another winter and the cycle renews itself. We look forward to next October amnd we welcome everyone to join us in this wonderful celebration! Cheers!