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Thanksgiving 2014


So again this year, like we had for the past 12 years, we gathered together with family and friends at Baturyn in the Eastern Townships of Quebec to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, and to have a chance to come together and talk, catch up, and talk about our plans, dreams, goals and fears. the weather was amazing this year and we all had a fantastic time. This was the first year that we did it without our father, Jurij Lewyckyj, who passed away in April and that was a bit hard on us. The pictures below chronicle the weekend. We had a very large crowd!! We already knew that we would not be getting togther in 2015 this way because Olesia and Pavlo had slotted that day for their wedding in Hunter, New York, in the Catskill mountains. But we plan to be back in 2016!!


This is our standard group shot, trying hard to capture everybody 

Katrusia making sure everybody was lined up properly 

Pavlo was enjoying the apple picking at the Abbey of St. Benoit du Lac 


Larysa was good at the hunt! 


Being tall has its advantages 

But ladders help as well 

I sure hope Pavlo was not planning to jump up off of the ladder! 

The colours were still very vibrant 

Some amazing reds and golds 

Mother Nature's tapestry 

The apple picking gang, with Sam 

Anhelyna enjoying the fresh smell of this year's crop 

Sisterly love 

It was cool on apple picking day. Markian was proud of his haul! 

Apple body building! 

I can't believe he brought his cell phone to apple picking..... 

A radiant Anhelyna 

And a beautiful and proud greyhound owner, Olesia

Greg and Sandra with their girls 

Kathy and Markian in front of the monastery. There is a store inside and they sell great cheese, ciders, and other tasty treats. The monastery is located just outside of Austin, on the shores of Sergeants' Bay of Lake Memphremagog

There was time for hot tubbing 

And the sun really came out on the Sunday 

Zenko and Katrusia in the kitchen of the Motria 

Mychajlo carving one of the turkeys. We had 3 good sized birds 

The master at work 

Orest had brought some delicious bacon wrapped sausages! 

Natalka working on the cucumber salad 

We try to eat as healthily as possible, with lots of fresh vegetables 

Bohdan and Sofika warming up to the camera 

Mychajlo and Uliana showed us how it is done 

Ihor was hungry as everyone dug in 

Wasyl and Oksana had a chance to se everyone 

Most of the Svinij showed up 

Wolodymyr and Lida took it all in 

Time for desert!! 

The front table, with the photographer silhouetted 

Zachar with his cool hat 

Ada and Marta got a chance to catch up. In what directions will life send them?

Danylo has been studying in Montreal

Anhelyna and Diana warming up 

Pavlo's sister Chrystia came and it was great to meet her 

Brother and sister 

Adrian and Alexa were having a good time 

The youths were expending a lot of energy looking cool! 

Seech and Sam were doing their own reconnecting on the sidelines..... 

Sam, the beautiful greyhound adoptee 

Please do not take my picture!!!!! 

The balcony crowd 

Ihor was warming up as well.... 

Mama digging into the desert table 

The youth table out front 

Katrusia making sure that everyone made it to the stage for the famous group shot


Wolodymyr and Lida going on one of there walks 

But the real party starts when the sun starts to go down, and the campfire is lit 

Charlene and Mathew 

Lida and Oksana 

Ihor trying to convince Uliana as Lily lies in the background

Thoughtful young man 

Graham and Ralph 

Sasha and Fedir joined us for the first time this year 

The Wysochanskyj boys with Natalka, who does not seem impressed....

Pavlo was trying out a new add-on lens to his cool digital camera 

Ihor brought Lily, and although a bit older, she fit right in 

Katrusia listening intently to Kati 

Serhij giving the camera the eye 

Roman trying to decide if he liked the Cuban cigar 

Ralph looking very comfortable and relaxed 

Peter and Roman don't seem pleased with their view 

Sasha and Uliana getting to know each other 

Wolodymyr and Mama 

Pavlo's parents came down to meet the crowd for the first time. Yurko fit right into the conversations 

Looks like serious grown up talk 

Pavlo's mother Marika, with Pani Katia