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Thanksgiving 2016


As promised, we were back this year after a pause last year for Olesia and Pavlo's wedding (which was awesome!!). The weather really cooperated, we had an amazing turnout, and tons and tons of food. Sasha and Fedir put on a play with an ad-hoc cast but they did really well and it was a hoot!! It all ended with a camp fire but for many of us it is a whole weekend affair, one that is being steeped in more and more tradition every year. Thus is how traditions are made.




Our normal money shot. It was cool but the weather held 



Bohdan and Diana. Apple does not fall far from the tree 

Morning banter 

Mark came up from New Jersey and it was great to see him and chat 


Lida visits her old stompin' grounds at Baturyn once a year and it was great to see her

Uliana stayed with us 

Sam doing what Sam does best 

The girls were starting to get creative 

Peter with his famous pumpkin soup! it was delicious! Thank you Peter!!

Peter always is smiling. Romko and Wolodymyr, not so much 

Patatos cooking! 

Chikita on the phone 

Yurko and Marika came up and we had great fun

Lida was in a good mood 

Danny and Irka brought the appetizers. Thank you Danny and Irka!

Seech was starting to socialize with the humans

Seech and Peter have a special bond 

Peter and Jane starting to groove

Appetizer chefs par excellence! 

Yes, the wine was starting to flow 

Must be a tough discussion 

Mirth was in the air. Charlene and John and Mathew joined us

Seech making friends or looking for opportunities? 

What, me? 

Those glasses look awfully empty 

Chrystia was in a great mood and really helped out 

The youngems.... Tim

Do they have gluten? 

"I got a bone to pick with you!" 

Katrusia giving out the lunch instructions

Natalka came down from Jamaica and Sylvia brought her family

First, before we eat, we will do Yoga! 

People at first were not too crazy about having to put down their wine glass to go get food 

But it soon caught on 

Need to apply some Lean principles to the food queue 

Seech trying to figure out where her best opportunities were while the kids were planning some theatrical debut 

Mychajlo brought his hanging tent which was pretty cool 

There was a lot of great food! 

People sat down by groups at the picnic tables 

But there was enough mixing going on. Boyan starting a trade union?

Even Sam perked up at the possibility of food 

Wasyl and Oksana and Roman joined us as well. 

Mychajlo with Uliana and Zachar with Romko 

Marika and Larysa 

We were starting to attract a wider crowd 

Mama and Halka had a chance to catch up

Greg and Sandra and Charlene. Sounds like a good table. 

John and Mathew 

Pan Roman and Pani Katia. Fun and fascinating people to celebrate with

The Konanec-Hrycaj family with Gerry giving me the OK! 

Its that mystery woman again 

Artem and Nadia, power couple 

Sylvia with her family 

Mark actually grinning as he looks at his food 

And Pavlo looking to score some more 

Lots of chatting and catching up 

The dogs knew where the good stuff was 

Sam does not have a lot of fur so he gets cold easily. We had to help him out 

The start of the Sasha and Fedir extravaganza! 

Roles had to be given out and the plot had to be reviewed. this was completely ad lib


It was hilarious watching Fedir instruct Wolodymyr on his kneews how to play the giant turnip! 

As we get ready... 

Presentation made by Sasha (drink and cig in hand)

Sasha was the stage manager. This was her show. 

Such a proud turnip 

And everyone was trying to pull the giant turnip out of the groud 

Even the mouse got involved at the end of the chain 

Standing ovation!!! 

As the evening wore on, we sat and sang by the open fire 

Mychajlo and family carried the tunes 

Orest was relaxed and fried up great sausage appetizers! 

Pan Roman warming up with some coffee. The evening was getting cold! 


Kate looking sneaky

And then it was Monday, and time to call it another fabulous Thanlksgiving! 

The young adults spent the evening in the hot tub watching the last Presidential debate on the lap top.