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Thanksgiving 2017


So we were at it again this year. The weather forecast was glum but it cleared out just in time for us to get a glorious Thanksgiving lunch in with loads and loads of family and friends. It was a near record turn out and it was huge fun.



Our classic and trademarked group shot

Markian really enjoyed the hot tub. It was great that he could make it from Toronto to celebrate with us

Peter and Jane stayed at Mama's house. Mama had a bit of a stomach thing and stayed in Montreal

The weather was kind of variable all weekend but there some beautiful moments

Wolodymyr still had his Thelon beard on

Wolodymyr having a hard time with the serious face thing. Would not make a good bad guy

I wonder have happens next??

Orest was helping out in the kitchen with appetizers

Charlene getting the shrimp sorted out

Pre-lunch mingling and cocktails. It rained earlier in the day but had stopped by then

By the time the meal was being served, as if on cue, the sun came out! That made Charlene and Sandra extra happy

It looks like Matej was jumping into dessert while Lily was still thinking about it

Peter and Jane were on their best behaviour and Mike was stressing his point

Anhelyna giving me Le Look. Our Bose speaker provided music from my phone and Google Play. Full technology has come to Baturyn

The groaning desert table

Natalia and Katrusia catching up

The young generation trashed the sweet table

Not sure if Zenon was not agreeing with Mychajlo or with me!

Lida and Halka getting chummy while Roman was not so sure

Maybe Markian just came for the sweets??

Bohdan, John, and Graham. The regulars were out in force!

Markian was sporting his new coif

Diana was amazing as always

Well, hello to you too! Tatiana and Antonina

Serhiy loves the cell coverage at Baturyn while Rudy was looking relaxed

Irene was looking great!

The entire Konanec-Hrycaj clan always show up and it makes it grand

Katia was making her point with Roma

Taras and Volodymyr were playing catch up

Marie Anne was there with Francois and it was great to see them now that they have moved back to the Montreal area

Alexandrine was in fine spirits

Tania and Teresa with?

Francois doing some explaining to Oles

Pavlo does not look like he is buying whatever Mark is selling

Taissa and Godfather Mark

Rostyslav and Tetiana getting warm and cuddly

Orest and Larysa

It was great to see Oleh and his amazing shirt! Looks like he was catching up with Wolodymyr

Anhelyna practicing with her new film camera. Yes, film!

Olesia and Pavlo had found this Olympus film camera and gave it to Anhelyna as a graduation gift

Katrusia herding the cats


We took some side group shots, with the dogs

Seech had other things on her mind

A nice portrait of Pelaheya, Antonina, and Tatiana

Meanwhile Rostyslav and Tetiana were getting cuddlier and cuddlier.....

Yurko and Marie Anne and the Hrycaj family

In the evening some people sought refuge in the Motria

Kids had room to run around

Lots of energy to burn

Managed to freeze her just for a split second


So that was it for yet another Thanksgiving get together. I have 15 years catalogued on this web site. We skipped 2015 because of Olesia and Pavlo's wedding but aside from that we have had one every year since 2002. I think we had some gatherings even before that., If anyone has any pictures from those, please let me know. But that would probably have been pre-digital cameras!