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Thanksgiving 2018


The weather was brilliant but cool, so we ate indoors this year. Another wonderful celebration with family, friends, and friends of Baturyn. These are the pictures of our celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving.


Our famous group shot. There are a couple more down below of slightly different set ups. Again, we captured almost everybody.


The colours were in their prime and their had been rain recently.



The contrast with the blue is always a marvel


Combination of fall colours with the green underbrush is mesmerizing


Sasha and Fedir's tree for good luck


Sunlight shimmering off the ozero


The ozero was calling out for a final swim


But I did not go in


Lush forest has reclaimed most of Baturyn, which used to be farmland


A wonderful combination of maples, birches, eastern hemlock, pine, spruce, poplar, fir, oak. The boreal forest!


The Motria is a good size for us


Esme pitching in to serve


No coke, PEPSI!


The carver-masters


Golden turkeys


Nothing like horseplay with knives!


Salo with garlic is always our first course


Taras and Mychajlo did a great job carving


We end up serving a lot of food!


Melania bring her normal happy self


The food table was loaded!


People waited patiently knowing that we were not going to run out of food


Its a great time to catch up with friends we have not seen in a while


Roman, Charlene, Sandra, and John got to socialize


The next generation was there


And the generation plus 1/2 was there


Checking on important mesages


Students from Spain were there




I like that hockey jersey!


Lida and Bohdan. Katrusia does not look like she approves!


Dorotka was in fine form


Ostap was enjoying himself


Diana was getting very warm


Larysa concentrated on her food


Yummy portions!


So many people help to make it a fun event


The amount and variety of food is staggerring


Kids were getting ready for our group shot


Take 1!


Take 2!


Yurko is looking good in his retirement. Actually, 2 retired dudes!


Wolodymyr and Lida enjoying the bonfire afterwards


Mychajlo brought his guitar


Orest was warming up his vocal chords


We sang and sang and sang


Modern sing alongs using lyrics on phones


Mychajlo got everyone going


We had good wood this year for the fire


Those cool October nights are fun by a warm fire


Some people even brought wool hats out


Faces lit up by the fire


Peter was grooving


Olesia in a sparks show


The maestro sings!


We had a good crowd for the fire


With lots of good humour


Mr. Roman was in good spirits


Zenko making sure to get the words right


And now we wait for our 2019 celebrations, same time and same place! Come one, come all, and celebrate wit hus.