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Thanksgiving 2019


Once again for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, family, friends, friends of Plast and Baturyn, gathered together to celebrate life, friendship, the end of another bountiful summer and fall. This is the 17th occasion that we have been documenting this weekend on this website with a missed year in 2015 for Olesia and Pavlo's wedding. 17 years of gathering, sharing, catching up, preparing a grand meal and enjoying it together. This year the weather was gorgeous, we had a very good turnout, and we spent much of the weekend outdoors. The pictures below chronicle the weekend, not really in rigorous chronological order. I have included pictures that people shared on my Facebook album as well. They do not bear my watermark.


Our classic group shot

The weather and colours were amazing

Apple picking at the Abbey Saint Benoit

Outdoor seating for all!

Seech is not really interested in mushrooms

Sasha and Fedir's tree was still there with us

The pond in the afternoon

There were mushrooms but it was not a very bountiful fall for the edible Honey Mushrooms we like to pick in the fall (pidpenky)

Relaxing in the afternoon by the pond

The swimming season had ended for the raft

Seech was still going in

Milkweed was in full bloom

The colours were everywhere

Seech and I went up Mt Glen on the Friday

The sports field

The birch and poplars were a beautiful golden colour

The commemorative flag

People were starting to show up

The cross commemorating 1000 years of Christianity in Ukraine got a face lift this year

Getting ready for the campfire later in the evening. Unfortunately rain moved in later in the evening cutting short our singing and cavorting

Monarch caterpillars were out

Fedir's fish were sunning themselves

The ladeez went apple picking in style

The man

Seech posing patiently on our way down from Mt Glen. She indulges me.

Sandra and Greg were into the apple picking but I don't think Winston is a fan

Katrusia and Olesia under one of the old apple trees. Olesia has knit some wonderful sweaters in the last few years.

In search of William Tell

A crazy colourful stand of maples behind Katrusia

Modern metal ladders have come to the monastary

On fire!

Relaxing after apple picking

The abbey at Saint Benoit du Lac

How the cool kids pose

Zenko and Katrusia waiting for everyone to finish at the store

Beautiful vistas from the top of Mt Glen

Olesia's sweater was perfectly matched to the surroundings, naturally.

Mother and daughter catching up

Pavlo is now a resident of Canada, again!

The tables were groaning under the food

Katrusia and I prepare the turkeys, potatoes, mushroom sauce and apple pies. Everyone brings all of the rest and we always have way too much food but its brilliant getting the full variety of what everyone has prepared. You cannot even eat some of everything. Impossible.

Nadia was into the food

Kalyna and Christian made it out. They know the area well from skiing Jay Peak

The boyz had their table

Irka and Orest got a chance to catch up

Lots of groupings of people over lunch

Berries of the mountain ash

Wasyl and Tania were getting chummy

Alex always has words of wisdom to share

You saying what?

The two Ottawa teachers

Mother and child. Anastasia was there with her family

The older cool kidz

The younger cool kidz

Its like Oksana going "what was that chumminess I saw before?"

Taras catching up

It was wonderful eating in the brilliant sunshine

View toward the southeast from Mt Glen, with Mt Pevee at the extreme left, then Sugarloaf, and Owl's Head just to the left of center

Greg and Zenko horsing around

Natalia and Sandra

There were some refreshments as well

Its getting to be a good-sized crowd

Katrusia and Chrystia

A rare together shot!

We try to eat by 14:00 but the meal always stretches (as do our stomachs) into the late afternoon

Some of the younger cool kidz got into board games

Katrusia setting up the all important group shot

The road to Mt Glen. The weather was spectacular

Relaxing at St Benoit du Lac

Mychajlo had some nice red shoes, as if he was wearing apples on his feet

Winston would rather have been off leash

The Rodyna!

Some braved a last-of-the-season swim in the pond.

The brave ones went in. The water was getting kind of cool

It was late in the harvest but still a lot of good picking to do

The great weather lifted everyone's mood

For some, dessert had to be eaten elsewhere

Oksana's purple jacket shone in the sunlight

I love the contrasts with the blue sky when the air is dry

The coolest of dudes, Alvin

Some of us needed some help to get through the afternoon on Saturday

Helping to make apple pies!!

Geez, everyone looks so sad.

Still looking good

Its beautiful to see the same (ageing) faces come back year after year

Like grapes on the vine

Lots of blah blah blah was going on

Sweater weather for sure but still very comfortable

Kids were having a great time

Moss loves that time of year, cool and damp

Beautiful ladeez!

Olesia and Pavlo enjoying a local brew after a dip in the Ozero

The apple-picking crew

Well done!

They fit right in

The future generation

Everyone just chilling at the Abbey

A SERIOUS can of beer

The traditional campfire

Not often I go apple picking on that Saturday in a tee shirt and shorts.

And so we wait and start planning our 2020 get together. We are hoping, as always, for good weather and a great turnout!