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"It is a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door..."

Kilimanjaro Trek                                            Lewyckyj Gothic                    Mt. Pee Wee

Long Trail Trek's in Vermont                              Star Trek Voyage of 2002      Cabonga Reservoir 2003

Mt. Washington Treks                                      Baffin Island 2002                    Nestor's Tough Day at the Office

Thelon River 2004                      Юнацький Табір Монреаль 2006р

Baffin Island 2007                                              Yunak Camp 2008

Big Samon River 2009                                    Elk and Thelon Rivers NWT, 2010     Northern Labrador Photo Safari 2012

Elk Thelon Rivers Canoe Trek in NWT 2013                                                                 Thelon River Trek 2015